Value-Added Operations

Value-added operations span a host of production sequences and secondary processes. They include automated assembly, furnace braising, proof testing, and custom-designed production assembly cells for nimble and specific production needs, and process development.

We are nimble and can put together new production lines for customer needs, creating custom manufacturing cells to assemble customers’ specific products.

Larson is known for creating custom processes to meet customers’ needs, such as this computer-controlled braising furnace. The state-of-the-art atmospheric controls for the braising furnace help produce high-quality, safe U.L.-certified pressure vessels for a long-standing customer.

We do the testing in-house, saving time and money for customers. This is proof pressure testing—the 585 PSI proof test—U.L.-certified U.L. cylinders.

We work best in teams at Larson—such as this team completing a secondary operation. One stamped part can have 10 secondary operations before its finalized production.

We offer process development guidance. Here, a local manufacturer wanted to run his line on our press to see if it would be viable at his shop.