Larson Tool & Stamping started producing D.O.T.-certified pressure cylinders in the mid-1960s. At that time, we were manufacturing cylinders for use as disposable refrigerant containers and dry chemical fire extinguishers. Larson’s investment in the pressure cylinder market was substantial, and included complete mechanical deep draw press lines, custom-made assembly equipment, and a 26” X 26” roller hearth electric furnace for copper brazing the assembled shells.

In 1971, a major fire extinguisher manufacturer contracted Larson to produce a 10-pound capacity dry chemical fire extinguisher cylinder. This cylinder was an adaptation of one of the refrigerant containers then being produced, and consisted of a two-piece pressure cylinder with a foot-stand type base and a screw-machine top fitting. All seams were pressed together and copper brazed. This cylinder represented a fairly large volume and easily replaced the refrigerant container business, which had by that time phased out.

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