You trust us to manage your tooling, stamping, and production runs. Having us monitor the inventory to keep it all running on time is the natural extension of that relationship. VMI helps maintain your supply chain, regulating the flow of materials so both vendor and customer can plan accordingly, without any unforeseen surprises in cost and supply. One of the most valuable benefits of an established VMI program is shortened lead times. As well, when demand ebbs and flows, as it does at times, we are able to flex with you with assurance and stability.

Rows of pallets containing vendor-managed inventory.

A VMI program is based on open, transparent communication. VMI collaboration promotes aligned business objectives between Larson and our customers—keeping us in step with your goals and committed to your successful outcomes.

Benefits of VMI

  • Provides consistent scheduling
  • Shortens lead times
  • Controls costs
  • Optimizes equipment set-up
  • Supports repeatable quality standards
  • Streamlines process planning
  • Contributes to your company’s lean initiatives
  • Produces reliable forecasting, measurement, and reporting


Contact us about extending our partnership with you and ask about creating a VMI program for your company.