Fully Integrated On-Site Services

Customers are the beneficiary of Larson’s “customer-first” culture that extends throughout the company and all customer interactions. Larson works with you as a fully integrated partner, dedicated to fulfilling all customer needs—from prototyping and process development to a complete pre-production approval process to inventory management.

182 We are able to control the quality, production, and follow-through with your products because Larson has a full-service tool design, building, and maintenance facility capable of producing a wide range of metal stamping and deep draw tooling, as well as complete manual and automated manufacturing systems. Value-added operations include spray painting, welding, assembly, furnace brazing, cleaning, and mass finishing.

Unique in the industry, Larson guarantees the life of the original tool. If we build your tool, you’ll never have another cost associated with that tool for the life of the original tool. As long as we are running your part, if a new tool needs to be built because the product has run out the original tool, we will rebuild it.

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Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., Larson is known for uncompromising integrity and dependability, and leads the industry in delivering high quality, lifelong value.