Larson Tool & Stamping Company Expands Its Tool-Building Capabilities

Attleboro, MA—November 23, 2020—Precision metal stamper invests in a lean re-design and update of tooling department to further optimize quality, production, and time to market for customers.

Larson Tool & Stamping Company in Attleboro, MA is celebrating 100 years in the tool and stamping business.Larson-tool-room-expansion_linkedin Founder Nils Larson started the company in 1920 with patented products based on the metal stamping process. As America entered WW II, Larson produced hardware and components to support U.S. troops overseas. After the war it produced innovative products for the consumer and automotive markets. Later, Larson went on to become pioneers in deep drawn stampings. The Larson family, now in its fifth generation, has always had an engineering focus, developing and adopting new technologies in pursuit of excellence in metal stamping and tool building.

This year, to better serve its customers’ needs, Larson is investing more than $200K to update and expand its tooling department. As part of its on-going lean manufacturing efforts, Larson has repurposed over 1,500 square feet, increasing its tooling facility. Larson is using lean principles to consolidate work-flow processes and machinery, automate machining processes, and organize work-in-process and material storage.

Manny Resendes, Larson’s Engineering Manager, started with fresh ideas, re-thinking the entire tool building process. He worked closely with his team of engineers, toolmakers, and technicians to map out each process and create flow diagrams for each step of the tool design and build process. Under his direction, Larson’s engineering staff has refocused their design process, starting with process design and development through try-out and process qualification, and is working closely with their technicians and programmers to bring their designs to the build process sooner. Larson has also made a capital investment in additional high-speed CNC machining centers and has hired CNC programmer/operators and technicians to focus on making fabrication and assembly processes faster and more efficient.

Although many companies apply their ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS) to control quality of their final product and production processes, the QMS is not always applied to support processes such as tool design and building. Resendes has developed a quality assurance system modeled after Larson’s ISO 9001:2015 QMS, using Larson’s risk management principles. These are specifically tailored to the tool-build process to minimize error, while bringing designs to completion faster and more accurately.

Resendes said, “My goal is to combine Larson’s rich history of innovation and metal forming skill with today’s technology, ISO 9001 processes, and lean principles to create a process that is faster, more accurate, and meets or exceed our customers’ expectations. We have the best group of people to achieve these goals, and I’m really excited about the possibilities for Larson.”

Larson’s aim is to benefit its customers by saving time and money, helping bring customers’ products to market sooner, and building reliable, quality-driven processes to meet its customers’ production requirements in the long term.

About Larson Tool & Stamping Company

Since its inception in 1920 in Attleboro, MA, Larson Tool & Stamping Company has been making a difference as a valued supplier of precision metal stampings and assemblies to hundreds of companies in the United States. Larson provides high-quality, cost-effective solutions with its wide range of capabilities that include forming, stamping, deep drawing, assembly, brazing, painting, coining, and more. Through significant investment in leading-edge manufacturing equipment and the loyal support from customers and co-workers, Larson perpetuates the commitment made by its founders to do whatever is necessary to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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