Larson Tool & Stamping Celebrates 100 Years Serving the Manufacturing Industry

Precision Metalforming Experts Achieve Impressive Milestone!

Attleboro, MA – 3/13/2020 – Larson Tool & Stamping Company, a precision metalforming Larson and cederberg pictured outside larson facility in 1920manufacturer, is celebrating 100 years in the metal stamping industry this month. Nils G. Larson and C.W. Cederberg, two immigrants with skillsets as apprentice blacksmiths, came to America to find opportunity. On March 15, 1920, tool room machinery and power presses were being installed at the renovated Attleboro, MA facility as the two founders of Larson Tool awaited granting of their charter from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Larson and Cederberg were well on their way to fulfilling their plan to establish a company dedicated to the manufacture of metal stampings, assemblies, tools, and special machinery. Some of the early accomplishments that Larson has to its credit involve the development and patented ratchet wrench—of which Larson did the first stamping—that contributed to the sale of socket wrench sets, as well as the reinforcement clips for D-type shovel handles and the Larson Ford valve filter.

In the century since then, Larson has led with innovation, quality, service, and customers as their core focus, and has grown in size and reputation to become a valued supplier of precision metal stampings and assemblies to hundreds of companies in the United States. Known for its proprietary deep draw expertise, Larson’s fully integrated services and capabilities span a wide range and also include forming, stamping, assembly, brazing, painting, coining, and more, allowing Larson to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Just recently, Larson added state-of-the-art, large capacity press equipment, another CNC machining center, and a new CNC screw machine to its production floor. 

Larsontimeline-2020 (1)Plans to celebrate this impressive milestone include a private party, showing appreciation to the dedicated employees who have helped Larson achieve this longevity. The range of diversity in Larson’s abilities have spanned many industries over the years. Industries served include automotive, industrial and consumer hardware, hand and power tools, computer and electronics, fire safety and security, and architecture. Larson also proudly supplied parts to the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, and continues to produce components and assemblies for military applications.

Larson Tool President, Chuck Cederberg, said, “To say I am proud that Larson has achieved this milestone doesn’t quite convey it well enough. It took vision, innovation, and commitment—bordering on sacrifice many times—to bring Larson to fruition and nurture it to the growth and reputation we enjoy today. We are so appreciative of the workforce and our customers who have continued to choose us to partner with for everyone’s combined success. We have always believed in re-investing in our people and the technology, which has proven to create quality products and solidify all our relationships through the years. We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to our longevity and accomplishments and are thrilled to celebrate this anniversary with them and on their behalf.”  

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About Larson Tool

Larson Tool & Stamping is based in Attleboro, MA and is a trusted supplier of precision metal Larson celebrates 100 yearsstamping parts and components to a wide number of industries in the United States. Larson’s innovative and highly specialized capabilities range from complex progressive die stampings and deep drawn cylinders to value-added, forming, welding, and assembly operations.

Larson Tool specializes in deep drawn components and offers many full-service solutions. The combination of having a dedicated workforce, state-of-the-art metal stamping facility, and control of all in-house processes enables Larson Tool to meet delivery schedules with the highest quality metal stamping products at competitive pricing.