Larson Tool Expands Manufacturing Capabilities.

Larson Tool and Stamping Company announces two exciting new developments – the acquisition of a Greenerd deep-draw hydraulic press line and the construction of a new 2,500-square foot manufacturing facility.

The new Greenerd press line has a 300-ton capacity and is fully automated with a 5 station transfer system. It incorporates a Cooper-Weymouth Peterson zig-zag feed to optimize material usage. The press and feed are part of a manufacturing system designed and developed completely by Larson’s engineering staff. They utilized lean principles including one piece work flow, providing a complete process from raw materials to packaged product. The automation system and press tooling were manufactured and installed in-house by Larson’s tool makers.

The new press line required a larger area to accommodate it so Larson undertook the construction of a custom-designed 2,500 square foot addition. Starting from scratch, they were able to establish an arrangement of press line and related processes to create the optimal workflow and production efficiency. As part of Larson’s Green Initiative, radiant floor heating was installed to utilize heat from process cooling water.

According to John Cryan, Sales Manager at Larson Tool, “This investment represents an ongoing commitment to helping Larson’s customers stay competitive in the marketplace and also meet their needs and expectations.”