Larson Tool Collaborates with PMA to Provide Training Resources for the Metalforming Industry

Larson Tool Implements New Online Metalforming Program to Help Educate Employees

Attleboro, MA – 8/2/2019 – Larson Tool & Stamping Company recently collaborated with Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) to develop a catalogue of online training courses specific to the metalforming industry.

Larson Tool President, Chuck Cederberg, serves on the educational Committee for PMA and helped lead Metalformlogothe exploration into what types of online education platforms were currently on the market and which would be the best fit for PMA’s project. Eventually PMA’s education committee decided on an appropriate platform and launched METALFORM EDU in October 2018.

METALFORM EDU is a unique online training program that helps companies enhance their own talent pipeline by providing them access to highly-focused, on-demand training. The program comes complete with over 100 industry-specific courses on subjects ranging from onboarding, press operation, die setting, CNC, and much more. Larson now utilizes the online program for its own operations and can specify which courses will be best suited for a new-hire—providing specific training for entry-level courses and adding additional courses and training as the employee advances or shows interest in other career paths in the industry.

Noting the skills gap prevalent in manufacturing today, Bill Jordan, Larson’s Human Resources Manager, said, “Having this program available allows me to hire an employee who has manufacturing experience, but who might not have metalforming knowledge. This program bridges the information gap and accelerates learning, enabling  them to be a good press operator. It drastically reduces the learning curve, getting employees up and running, working safely, and producing quality parts.”

Larson Tool is one of the founding members of PMA, and is committed to creating a sustainable metalforming workforce and ensuring  industry knowledge remains intact and accessible to people pursuing careers in manufacturing. Of the program, Cederberg said, “This represents another milestone in our ongoing commitment to training and creating successful futures for those coming up in the trades. Larson is proud to have many leadership positions filled—past and present—with people who graduated from technical vocational schools. The right education ensures our combined success. We’ve been thrilled to be involved in the piloting of the METALFORMING EDU program, and look forward to using it to help  our employees gain knowledge and industry expertise.”    

To learn more about the PMA program click here. For more information about Larson Tool & Stamping, visit or call (508) 222-0897.

About Larson Tool

Larson Tool & Stamping is based in Attleboro, MA and is a trusted supplier of precision metal stamping parts and components to a wide number of industries in the United States. Larson’s innovative and highly specialized capabilities range from complex progressive die stampings and deep drawn cylinders to value-added, forming, welding, and assembly operations.

Larson Tool specializes in deep drawn components and offers many full-service solutions. The combination of having a dedicated workforce, state-of-the-art metal stamping facility, and control of all in-house processes enables Larson Tool to meet delivery schedules with the highest quality metal stamping products at competitive pricing.