Larson Tool and Stamping Company Hits the Mark with its 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Larson Tool & Stamping Company recently conducted its annual customer satisfaction survey, with a sample of its existing customer-base in a cross section of industries. The survey’s purpose was to measure, using industry-speciic parameters/benchmarks, whether Larson Tool’s level of performance and service quality matches their customers’ perceptions and expectations and compares them with the perception of the service delivered by other metal stamping vendors. According to the 2013 Customer Satisfaction survey results, Larson Tool received high ratings with an average of 9.6 on a scale of 1-10, in all its spheres of operation, which included product quality, responsiveness, delivery, customer service and value.

In Larson Tools customer survey feedback section, one of the respondents commented, “If all vendors gave us the same quality, customer service as Larson, my job would be easier.” John Cryan, Sales Manager at Larson Tool said, “We take great pride in acting as a true partner, rather than just a metal stamping supplier to our customers. We survey our customers every year as part of our ongoing commitment to understand the changing needs of OEMs and fine-tune our services to reflect their needs and expectations.”