Larson Tool Adds New High-Performance Servo Press to its Metal Stamping Facility

Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturer Expands Production Capabilities with High-Tech Press from Minster

Attleboro, MA—April 4, 2019—Larson Tool & Stamping Company is pleased to announce the addition of a new high-performance servo press to their metal stamping facility in Attleboro, MA. The featured machine is a Minster FX2-400-Minster-press-larson-edited120 x 60 heavy stamper platform, straight-sided press, equipped with Minster Servo Drive Technology that puts Larson in total control of the press cycle. Power is supplied by planetary twin-end drive, high-powered servo motors capable of putting out around 440 U.S. tons of force.

With a variable stroke length of 13-3/4-inch max, the press can operate at a max speed of 70 strokes per minute (spm) at continuous full stroke, and 95 spm at a 4-inch stroke. The variable stroke allows Larson to perform faster cycle times, with the ability to slow or pause operations before contacting the material for better control of contact velocity. The press also features user-friendly programmable motion profiles for maximum manufacturing flexibility, with a multitude of different profile shapes—affording users full torque and energy at lower speeds for all motion profiles. Other notable features of the press include 4-channel load monitoring, 16-point programable die protection, and a 30-inch-wide servo roll feed with a .250-inch thickness capacity and double coil reel.

Neil Fonger, Larson’s Sales and Marketing Manager, said, “The Larson Tool team is absolutely thrilled to have our new Minster FX2 press installed and fully operational at our facility. Minster FX2 series presses have set the industry standards for durability, flexibility, and value retention. This press will offer us a lot more versatility for transfer feeding, deep draw work, and automated in-die assembly. We have already seen some impressive productivity gains from shortening the stroke of the press and increasing speed. Here at Larson, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to increase efficiency and are excited to continue offering our customers the production advantages that result from us reinvesting in our company.”

About Larson Tool

Larson Tool & Stamping is based in Attleboro, MA and is a trusted supplier of precision metal stamping parts and components to a wide number of industries in the United States. Larson’s innovative and highly specialized capabilities range from complex progressive die stampings and deep drawn cylinders to value-added, forming, welding, and assembly operations.

Larson Tool specializes in deep drawn components and offers many full-service solutions. The combination of having a dedicated workforce, state-of-the-art metal stamping facility, and control of all in-house processes enables Larson Tool to meet delivery schedules with the highest quality metal stamping products at competitive pricing.