Industry Leader, Larson Tool & Stamping, Publishes Informative Metal Stamping Guide

Subject-matter experts offer insights on the highly specialized process of deep draw stamping

Attleboro, MA—February 25, 2022—Larson Tool & Stamping recently published a new deep drawn stamping guide that features their proven knowledge on the subject of deep drawn stamping and serves as an aid to designing products to be manufactured by the deep draw process. The guide walks the reader through the process, the benefits, the anatomy of deep drawn stamping, and more, to best help project planning or finding the right metal stamping partner.Industry experts share insights

Deep draw is a highly specialized process in metal stamping, requiring properly equipped press equipment and engineering expertise, which Larson has amassed in its 100+ years as a leader in precision metal stamping, with a marked specialty in deep draw. The guide is published on Larson Tool & Stamping’s website, as well as with Tech Briefs. The full table of contents for the deep draw stamping guide is as follows:

  1. The Process
  2. The Benefits
  3. Anatomy of Deep Drawn Stamping
  4. Specifying a Drawn Shell
  5. Material Choices
  6. Choosing a Deep Drawn Stamper
  7. Summary
  8. Deep Draw Case Study
  9. Larson Tool Deep Drawn Stamping Services

Neil Fonger, Sales Manager at Larson Tool & Stamping, shared, “Our team at Larson believes it is important to share our company’s many years of expertise on the subject of deep draw stamping. We have extensive legacy knowledge about deep draw and want to help others understand how to plan more effectively for their projects. Whether or not a reader has partnered with Larson, or plans to, we hope that they gain valuable insight from our new guide.”

Click on this link to download the free deep drawn stamping guide. To learn more about Larson Tool & Stamping, visit

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