Precision Metal Stamping and Forming Relationships

Collaboration for Longevity, Dependability, and Growth  

Larson’s longevity is due, in large part, to the valuable relationships we foster with employees, customers, suppliers, and strong partnerships with our equipment suppliers. We seek out collaborations with companies that hold these same standards and are top in their trade. Founded in 1897, Nidec Minster has built a reputation for precision, solid quality, and reliability in their presses, and Larson has built a strong partnership with them over the years.

Larson_tool_minster_press-1Larson has nine Nidec Minster presses in our facility—ranging from 66 to 450 tons. These progressive, deep draw, blanking, and secondary operation presses allow us tremendous manufacturing capability and capacity for our precision metal stamping customers. A recent collaboration involved a custom Nidec Minster MMC CX1-4000, 440-ton capacity inclined gap press needed for some demanding applications. The acquisition of this press is aligned with our aggressive growth strategy that includes these new, advanced technologies.

Incline for Growth

We were looking to replace an existing 250-ton inclined bed press, but that inclined style of press is not readily available. Inclining, or angling the press assists with the ejection of parts in blank-and-draw operations, allowing for faster production speeds and more dependable operation. We engaged the MMC group at Minster, and they were able to customize their current product line and put it on an incline. We also equipped the new press with a zig-zag feed for better material utilization. With the MMC inclined press and zig-zag feed, we can run at higher efficiencies, and pass the savings on to our customer.

Shortly after, we replaced two aging inclined presses with another, smaller MMC CX-2500 inclined press. This replacement press improves our reliability as well as providing a back-up for the CX1-4000 press.

In addition to the MMC inclined presses, our recently expanded press room houses several large straight-side Minster presses. Minster presses have a reputation for accuracy and reliability, allowing us to deliver consistent quality to our customers. With up-to-date technology and capacities, we can remain competitive in the market and meet our customers’ needs along with our growth goals.

Nidec Minster discusses this in more detail on its website in an article published in Impressions. Be sure to check out the video with our Nidec Minster presses in action on our production floor.   

What all this translates to is that—whether your next project requires progressive die stamping, deep drawing, in-die assembly, or value-added operations—Larson is well-equipped to do the job. Find out first-hand, and contact us now to see for yourself.