An Effective Metal Stamping Company Culture

Why I Love Selling for Larson Tool & Stamping Company

Metal Stamping Company Culture Series: Part 3 of 3

I wanted to write this blog series. (I don’t get any extra perks or money for it!) I am an independent manufacturer’s representative and have been doing this for 21 years, though I’ve been in sales much longer. I work for five different custom manufacturers and sell custom components to OEM specifications. Most of the customers I work with are looking for form, fit, and function making the part to the drawing.

Healthy Communications-Centric Culture Larson_tool_and_stamping_supplier_customer_service_2. Jpg

In my many years in this business, I have spoken with countless prospects and customers and have facilitated many quotes and projects with a variety of companies large and small. Here is why I wrote this blog series and what I want you to know: of all of Larson’s tool and stamping capabilities, the one that allows all of them to excel is their commitment to and ability for clearly communicating on every aspect of the job and throughout the duration of each project. Larson does, indeed, place customer satisfaction as its main focus for all interactions and for all manufacturing outcomes. I know first-hand you’ve seen the stats in the previous post in this series it makes my job that much easier! 

As I also wrote about previously, Larson approaches all customer interactions with dependable consistency, timely responses, and clarity.

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Truly Exceptional 

Larson has exceptional engineering expertise that customers repeatedly rely on. Interestingly, the people at Larson will offer this expertise when someone is in the discovery phases of finding a metal stamping supplier, regardless of whether they get the job. They will make recommendations based on the drawing submitted and suggest modifications when necessary. Most importantly, if it isn’t a fit for Larson, they will recommend someone else when they can. In all my years, this is a rare occurrence, but it has happened. That’s how important providing a great customer experience is to the people at Larson. What I have seen happen is when the fit is right, customers have circled back to Larson because they were so impressed with how Larson handled that initial honest recommendation.

Chances are, your next metal stamping project whether metal forming, progressive die stamping, deep drawing, assembly, brazing, painting, or coining is a fantastic fit for Larson. Find out first-hand, and contact us now to see for yourself.