As the changeover from old to new design cylinder took place, Larson’s customer increased its sales force to penetrate new markets. From the first day of production, greater demands than ever before were placed on the new line. Put to the test, gains were quickly realized:

  • Daily volume increased by 33%.
  • Productivity increased by more than 15%.
  • The number of components in the cylinder assembly were reduced from seven to five, freeing up production equipment elsewhere in the factory.
  • Costs were reduced by eliminating expensive paste-type brazing compound and the high maintenance of related dispensing equipment.
  • Direct labor was reduced by 35% between press line and assembly automation. Production personnel were made available for other areas in the factory.
  • Profit margins on the new cylinder provided a budget for an expeditious payoff schedule on Larson’s capital investment.

Since requirements by U.L. for destructive testing are far less than for D.O.T. scrap, testing was reduced by more than 80%. Labor was reduced by eliminating a full-time lab position.

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