New Vibratory Finishing Machine Adds Capacity


This vibratory tumbling machine increases our mass finishing capability and provides an even higher degree of finish quality to the parts we supply.

New Vibratory Finishing Machine Adds Capacity

In response to our customers’ growing production requirements, Larson has added a Giant GB-20 vibratory abrasive finishing machine to our mass finishing department. With its spiral bottom and cast urethane separator screen, this unit features 100% separation of parts and media. It was also supplied with a PLC-controlled, fully automated unload cycle and electronic variable speed.

Together with new ancillary material handling equipment, this unit greatly increases our mass finishing capability, gives us capacity for larger parts, and helps us to improve the finish quality of the parts we supply to our customers.

Our parts finishing capabilities are very diverse, from cleaning to deburring to burnishing and edge conditioning. We invite you to contact our sales staff to discuss how we can meet your requirements.