Stamping and Forming Capabilities


450-ton Minster Press

A 12-station progressive deep-draw die being run in our 450 ton Minster Link Drive press. The Link Drive allows us to produce larger deep-drawn parts from challenging materials such as 300 and 400 series stainless steels.


Hydraulic Press Line

One of our press line operators inspects a finished cylinder from one of our deep draw press lines. The cylinder is used in a certified pressure vessel assembly. This hydraulic press line consists of 3 double action presses, 2 single action presses, a spray wash line, and complete transfer automation. This press line was conceived, installed, tooled, programmed and integrated by the Engineering staff at Larson, and is capable of producing shells up to 22″ long. For more details see our Case History.


Progressive Dies

An operator removes a finished part from the die. Larson maintains a wide variety of single and double action mechanical and hydraulic presses, which make up a very flexible manufacturing system, adaptable to a wide variety of complex and/or lower production parts.

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