Larson Tool & Stamping Company is totally committed to environmental responsibility and operates an environmentally sound facility with a focus on the use of recyclable materials, elimination of waste, and the efficient use of all resources.

As a past recipient of The William O. Jeffery, III IRMCO Environmental Improvement Award, Larson’s commitment to environmental responsibility is recognized by the following achievements:

  • 100% elimination of the use of chlorinated solvents
  • 92% reduction of VOC emissions
  • 74% reduction in paint use with both a total replacement of solvent-based paints and elimination of solvents used as thinners
  • 52% reduction in the use of petroleum and chlorinated lubricants
  • 58% reduction in the quantity of generated waste oils
  • 100% elimination of the use of 1.1.1.trichloroethane

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